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It is time to make your comeback.

No more tight jeans, tired afternoons, bloated and painful belly, or disrupted sleep.

You know you are capable of doing it, yet when you feel you tried EVERYTHING, some professional guidance doesn't hurt.

I grew up with a single mom and did not always have control over what I ate.

Food was a source of anxiety for me; I had to eat it all in one sitting because next time the cupboard might be empty.

My poor eating continued as an adult.

Bingeing...Turning to food for comfort...Mindless eating, day after day.

-Ice cream?

A whole half-gallon.


The whole pie...gone.

-Potato chips?

Turn the bag inside out to get every crumb.

Does this sound like anyone you know?

I know, I know...junk in, junk out. It seems simple on the surface.

For me, I struggled with nagging injuries and aches for years until I had enough and had to make a change.

For you, your struggle may involve trouble with having energy to get out of bed in the morning, chronic bloating and gas that makes clothing or body positions uncomfortable.

Like you, the only tools I was offered were:

1. Mask my discomfort with medication
2. Take time off and stay away from things I loved

No one asked Why was this 17 year-old so inflamed? Why is he always injured? Why should he be on arthritis drugs? What's the bloody CAUSE of this mess?

Chances are, no one's asking "Why?" for you either!

But that changes now.

When your questions keep leading you to the wrong answers, you need new questions! You need a different model that asks: Why?

Functional medicine is that model.


My mission is to create and provide curated resources, discussions, and tools to empower individuals to self-actualize their wellness goals and take personal responsibility for their health in order to make the world a happier and healthier place to live. 


Medicine asks: What is it, and how do I tame it right now?

Functional Medicine asks: How can I measure and improve function for the long-term?

Here are a few examples as to how this works.
  • Acid reflux: Conventional Medicine: "Take this drug to lower acid" Functional Medicine:  "Why am I producing too much (or too little) stomach acid?"
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Conventional Medicine: "Take this immune-suppressing or anti-inflammatory drug" Functional Medicine: "Why is the immune system attacking my joints?"
  • Hashimoto's thyroiditis: Conventional Medicine: "Your immune system is attacking your thyroid, making it underactive. Take this synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of your life and we'll routinely monitor your levels. If it gets too bad, we'll get rid of your thyroid using radiation and you can continue taking the drug" Functional Medicine: "Why is the immune system attacking the thyroid?"; "How might taking a synthetic hormone affect other hormones?"; "Will my body detoxify outside hormones differently than self-made hormones?"
  • Migraines: Conventional Medicine: "Take this headache medication and sit in a dark room until it passes" Functional Medicine: "Why do I just get headaches at specific parts of my cycle?", "Why do my headaches seem to come and go?"
  • Trouble Sleeping: Conventional Medicine: "Take this drug to help you relax at night" Functional Medicine: "Why am I still so wired at night? How are my adrenals functioning? How does my body handle caffeine or chocolate?"

Asking "Why?" is not that difficult if you just remember to ask it!

Functional medicine looks "under the hood" and does the detective work of "Why?".

I dive into answers to these questions like these with each article and email you'll receive.

1.) "Why?": Focus on underlying causes instead of how to mask symptoms.

2.) "What do I do about it?": Detailed insights on nutrition, supplements, herbs and other steps to get you back to a life on your terms.

3.) "How do I make it work in my busy life?": How to reroute your personal journey and stay motivated once and for all so you can get back to living life as you see fit...and KEEP it that way!

For now, here's what I ask.

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