You Can Fix Your Brain - Tom O'Bryan

Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best Memory, Productivity, and Sleep You've Ever Had

You Can Fix Your Brain - Dr. Tom OBryan

I came across this book at the 2019 Microbiome Summit in Huntington Beach, CA. Dr. O'Bryan lectured at the summit about why gluten-free diets can be dangerous (when you give up wheat, it's beneficial because wheat causes leaky gut in everyone who consumes it, but without wheat, you lose a major source of prebiotic fiber in American diets that must be replenished).

Microbiome Labs, who sponsored the summit was also launching their Wheat Rescue product which was formulated with Dr. Tom O'Bryan to help support complete gluten digestion when exposed. Many gluten-free foods at restaurants are still contaminated with gluten due to cross-contamination along cooking utensils and surfaces. Some are frankly mislabeled and still contain high gluten content.

Wheat Rescue can be taken prior to a meal to help protect against unwanted exposures of wheat. It also can help mitigate the inflammation when consciously consuming gluten-containing foods.

Dr. O'Bryan is a world-renowned expert on gluten-related disorders and autoimmunity. He travels the world teaching and training doctors on how seemingly benign exposures can create serious havoc on the brain and body, not just the gut.

I found You Can Fix Your Brain to contain beautiful descriptions, metaphors, and analogies that give you a visual (and logical) understanding of the immune system, gut, and brain, and how foods and toxins can interact to wreak havoc on these systems.

The concepts in the book are motivational reminders to not take your health habits lightly - replete with hard, referenced facts to solidify that motivation. 

It is difficult to find such a clear discussion of otherwise complex issues of autoimmunity, brain health, and more. Better yet, he distills the information into actionable steps and an excellent reference of anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, and brain healthy recipes that he collected from other world-renowned experts in health and nutrition.

Even though many of the concepts are not knew to me, my personal copy is now riddled with underlining, and handwritten notes in the margins - because his way of explaining the concepts is so readily understandable to a wide audience and I plan on borrowing many of his analogies with my own readers and clients.

You Can Fix Your Brain - Dr. Tom OBryan

If you're a little skeptical of gluten-free diets, or why exposure to environmental toxins, air pollution and more are very real problems that make the changes (and personal expense) worthwhile - this book will provide the conceptual, emotional, and analytical understanding you need to move forward.

The discussion is easy to read, and reinforced by peer-reviewed journal references for the analytical types. And for the kinesthetics who need to see it for yourselves, it is bolstered by actionable steps and recipes you can implement in your life today.